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((( NOTE: This is an improved, remixed, and remaster version of Tenses. The original was posted for a few days in November. You can read more about that here: bit.ly/2puwaFB )))

About 'Tenses' //

This is our debut album. Thank you.

An album about time, how we can get caught-up in planning an ideal future, neglect the present and regret the past. All delivered through eight songs we put our heart and soul into, giving you some slick mathy-emo vibes for your enjoyment. Thank you.

About 'Us' //

Mountains are an emo/math rock band based in Daegu, South Korea.

Mountains combine intricate guitar riffs with rapid-fire, angular rhythms to create songs that are full of energy and ideas whilst also being melodic and approachable in vein of early 90s emo/alt bands such as Faraquet, Get Up Kids and Cap N’Jazz.


Mountains는 대구에서 활동하고 있는 emo/math rock 밴드입니다.

Mountains는 속사포 같이 복잡한 기타리프와 많이 분절된(angular) 리듬을 사용해 아이디어와 에너지로 가득한 노래를 만들지만, 한편으로는 Faraquet, Get Up Kids, Cap n’Jazz와 같은 90년대 emo/alt 밴드와 같이 귀에 쏙들어오는 멜로디 도 가지고 있습니다.



複雑のギターリフと変則的なリズムを合わせてエネルギッシュなサウンドを効かせ、Faraquet, Get Up Kids, Cap n'Jazzのような90'sエモーショナルバンドからも多大な影響を受けている。


released May 9, 2017

Mountains are Ali, Andrew, Stephen.

These hymns have trumpet parts: Future, Restarts, 과거 (Past) - played by Nick Neilio
Chants on Vacant Today and خدافظ (Goodbye) by 강구민

Drums recorded by Kwak Jongil at Dongseongno Studios in Daegu, South Korea.
Everything else recorded by Werner Van Den Berg at BCUZ Studios in Daegu, South Korea.
Initial mixing by Gavin Brooks, fully mixed and mastered by Jamie Ward in Market Harborough, England (www.facebook.com/pg/Jamiewardrecording)
Artworked by Lynden Joudrey (www.lyndenjoudrey.com)



all rights reserved


Mountains Daegu, South Korea

An emo/math band from Daegu, South Korea.

대구 왔는 팀입니다.

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Track Name: Future
Every day I remember those memories,
doing my best to busy myself hoping I'll forget,
but I never forget.
I know hiding these feelings won't help but that's what I do.
Scared of the past, living in the future, and day dreaming the present away.
It's time to forgive and forget, to tell the truth and reconcile,
because I'm growing up everyday.
Learning from the past, thinking of the future and living in the present.
I won't be much longer, I'm coming home and I can see the finish line.
Will you be waiting there? Waving and wearing a welcoming smile.
Track Name: Bittersweet Blue
26, red lights, rough feet and welcoming smiles.
I see you for the first time, mesmerised too shy,
so I watch you from the table, you stand by idly playing those eyes.
We say goodbye and it doesn't catch me...
Until I'm back some how, my friends have all gone and I'm waiting,
that's when you strike me, I scratch my leg trying to ignore,
easily seduced honesty my sanctuary.
From then on I'm a mess,
old dreams and fictional fantasies,
I only have a name should I look for you?
Is this what my body wants?
Is this what my body wants or is this all in my head?
It's fear fiction I shouldn't look for you,
I saw your picture, sat and stared, caught between disbelief and prophecy.
should I look for you?
Was it pride that I kept my hands to myself? Was out of commitment? was it out of love? or was I just scared?
Track Name: Vacant Today
It’s been a long time coming
Why do I always get this way?
I will say that’ll try my best
But we both know I’ll do the same

Be faithful, be honest
Which of these do you want to be, hoe?

Slow down once in a while
They say you’ve got your whole life to go
Then why do I feel I have no time
And everything is racing by

Vacant today
I’m not the same
Track Name: Present
Our continuos internal monologue comes at a cost,
ruminating all insecurities, anxieties, and fears.
Playing back those moments in your mind.
What did I just do? What I could've done, what I should've done are all reality here.
Living in the future and glorifying the past and missing your life one step at a time.
There better be a heaven if we're going to waste our time like this.
We need to start a new conversation a re-work of attitude, embrace the moment shrug of the shackles and be free of al qualms, and find your way back to the present moment. How dissatisfied with the present must you be to be constantly preparing a more fulfilling future?
When that future never arrives.
Presently perfect I am presently perfect
Track Name: Nothing New
Arrogance clouds our minds
Everyone is a hypocrite you’ll find
Stop thinking you’ve got this worked out

I can’t be blind, can’t you understand?
You can’t be blind, can’t you understand?

What’s this? Was it something overlooked?
It must have been spoken in anger
The irony runs true
What a fool I have been

Stop thinking you’ve got this worked out

I will learn to change my mind whenever I like
And you will see I’m all grown up and here to stay
Track Name: Restarts
Why did I give up on those things I could’ve done well?
A new chapter to add, to a life of restarts

Why did you give up on those things you did so well?
I feel like we’re growing apart
I implore you as your friend

To listen well
I’m sorry I went away
Track Name: 과거 (Past)
매일 난 그 순간들을 기억해
잊으려고 바쁘게 살기위해
노력하지만 잊을수없어
이렇게 숨긴다고해서
나아질건 없지만 어쩔수없는걸
지난 과거를 두려워해 현재에서 벗어나
내가 꿈꾸는 미래안에서 머물고있어

이제 모든걸 잊고 용서해
진실을 말하고 화해의 손을 내밀어
난 하루하루 조금씩도 자라고 있으니까

과거로 부터 배워
미래를 꿈꾸며
현재를 살아

오래 걸리진 않을꺼야 곧 집으로 돌아가
결승선을 볼꺼야
너도 거기서 날 기다리고 있을까
손 흔들며 반가운 미소를 지으며